Monday, April 28, 2014

Student Expo

I had to present one of my papers for the Student Expo to get an A in the class. I felt like my presentation went fairly well, and my presentation covered a lot of material on the topic. When I was done presenting the paper to Sweeney and the librarian, I thought it would be cool to walk around and check out the art at the expo. One of the most interesting pieces of art that I saw was the piece named, "Smokey Bear". It was a phone that was sitting in a cup. The phone had a picture of the art work in it. The artist of the work, Cannithy, had a very distinct description of what inspired him to make this said bear. He said the inspiration came from Smokey THE Bear. At this point, I was like okay he stole the idea from Smokey the Bear. However, they are nothing alike. Smokey Bear was about a pot smoking bear and then my interest was starting to peak. He said that Smokey Bear was a Marijuana activist and enthusiast. I was starting to feel like he just threw it together last minute, but once he gave me a plot and story behind the bear, I knew he actually put some effort forth. 

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